• Financing and Funding Sources


    Maximizing our customer’s return on investment is important to Pinnacle.  We have a variety of programs and sources to help improve the overall performance of your LED purchase. These include the following:


    ·        Utility rebates/incentives:  Most utilities today offer incentives to help reduce demands on their electrical grid.  These rebates oftentimes can pay for a significant portion of the

               overall LED lighting project, and Pinnacle will facilitate the application process for the customer.

    ·         Federal loans:  Programs are available through the USDA REAP program which can be utilized for certain customers.

    ·       State and Local loans:  The PACE program is an innovative financing program that enables owners of commercial and industrial property to obtain low cost, long term loans to

              make energy efficiency improvements.

    ·       Commercial loans:  Pinnacle has multiple financing sources that can provide capital or operating leases for LED lighting projects.  Oftentimes the savings generated from the

              electrical and maintenance savings will more than cover the monthly lease payments, creating a positive cash flow for the customer.  Stated differently, LED projects are many

              times “self-funding”.

    ·         Lighting as a Service:  One of Pinnacle’s unique offerings is in conjunction with a financing partner that will convert the LED lighting project into a services model.  What this means

               is the customer can upgrade to LED lighting without any capital investment, paying for the cost of the upgrade through the savings generated from the LED conversion.  This

               unique approach allows customers to deploy LED lighting much more quickly (since available capital is no longer a constraint) and accelerate the operational savings which result

               from an LED conversion.

    ·         Tax advantages:  The Energy Policy Act of 2005 was extended by Congress in late 2015.  This policy allows customers to accelerate the depreciation of an LED lighting conversion.

               Other scenarios exist where tax advantages can be gained, including cost segregation and other favorable tax treatments.

    ·      Strategic deployment:  Pinnacle has the tools and resources to help clients with multiple locations to develop a comprehensive roll-out schedule which further enhances our

              customer’s  financial returns.  Utilizing analytical tools and national utility and rebate databases, Pinnacle can pinpoint the locations that will provide the highest rate of return and

              develop a deployment schedule that ranks the customer sites in descending order.  By working the high value targets first, the economic returns of the LED conversion

              are maximized.

  • System Design:


    ·      Controls- Pinnacle engineers and partners provide a wide array of control options from basic occupancy controls to sophisticated applications including daylight harvesting

             with energy usage monitoring and verification.  We use a variety of sources and partners to customize our lighting solutions based on custom requirements.  We have installed

             over 40M S.F. of LED lighting which have controls as a component of the overall solution.

    ·      Photometrics-  To assure customer requirements are met, Pinnacle can provide photometric design and analysis.  This is typically done at no cost to our customers.

    ·     Retrofit versus replace-  As part of our solution design, Pinnacle will review  multiple alternatives to provide the right combination of products to meet customer requirements

             while providing maximum financial returns.  Oftentimes this effort involves multiple views, evaluating replacement or retrofitting existing lighting fixtures.  Design elements

             including photometrics, required light levels/regulatory requirements, safety concerns and financial constraints will all be considered to create final customer

             recommendations.  This consultative approach provides the best possible overall value to our clients.

    • System Deployment


      Pinnacle provides a complete turn-key solution utilizing a nationwide network of qualified installation partners.  This minimizes client involvement and while providing scalable solutions to speed project roll-out.  This includes:

      ·       Application and procurement of required permits

      ·       Rebate application and administration

      ·       Installation coordination including shipping of product to site, securing any materials, etc.

      ·       Ongoing feedback as to installation progress against agreed upon time-lines

      ·        Managing the disposal and recycling of all old lighting materials, inclusive of any required documentation for hazardous waste disposal

      ·      Reconciliation of any billing issues

      ·       Warranty management for any failed products or services




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